Melissa Lindberg


Director of Marketing, Communication & Outreach

MLS Property Information Network, Inc.

Melissa Lindberg is Director of Marketing, Communication & Outreach for MLS PIN, located in Massachusetts. MLS PIN is the largest MLS in New England and currently has nearly 34,000 subscribers. Melissa has more than 21 years of experience in the MLS industry.

In her role, Melissa oversees a marketing team that promotes MLS PIN through award-winning advertising, branding, events, video, and communications.  Her mission as the director of customer outreach, training, and sales is to educate and create awareness and to continually grow the subscriber base.  Her team seeks to establish a constant presence with MLS PIN customers and collects valuable feedback to help plan future system enhancements and MLS services. She directs product and service announcements and technical updates. She also works closely with third-party organizations to ensure implementation and success of value-added products and services.


Melissa was inducted into the CMLX1 inaugural class, and she completed the CMLX2 designation. She was on the CMLX Marketing Committee in 2014 and currently serves as Co-Chair of the 2016 CMLS Marketing & Communications Section Council. Melissa manages the MLS PIN Charitable Giving Program and is involved in the MLS PIN Technology Task Force and the MLS PIN Public-Facing Website Task Force.  She is a member of the COVE Communications Group.  Melissa earned her Bachelor of Business degree from Becker College.  She lives with her husband and their three children, and she participates in the SHRHS Music Parents Association.

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